Because the ways of understanding and interacting with the world are changing, we can´t just offer “old answers” to old problems. This changing world requires us to foster in our citizens the skills necessary to provide their own answers to questions that have not yet been asked. Our mission, a citizenship committed to our society, a citizenship aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals and global agenda.

The Entrepreneurial Culture Programme, which belongs to the Regional Government of Extremadura, brings together the will of different areas of the administration to design transversal actions on innovation, inclusion, entrepreneurship and improvement of educational success, and its development in the educational community throughout the educational rute, from Primary School to University.

All of this is developed under the European Framework for Entrepreneurial Competence, called Entrecomp, which has been designed as a tool to generally improve the entrepreneurial capacity of European organisations and citizens. Entrecomp considers entrepreneurship as the capacity to act in the face of opportunities and ideas, transforming them into value.

Entrepreneurship is more than just generating business ideas, we conceive it as an attitude capable of generating changes in their environment to improve it, understanding the concept of entrepreneurship in a wide way, whether from a social, cultural, scientific-technological or business point of view, among others.

We understand that all people can develop this entrepreneurial attitude at different levels of their lives (professional, social, family, personal…), therefore, we are committed to inviting, on the one hand, students to identify their own challenges and desires, taking the initiative to meet them in a collaborative, inclusive and respectful way with the environment, and on the other hand, teachers and management teams to adopt creative, innovative and entrepreneurial processes in their classrooms, in their centres.

Below you will find these reflections from the point of view of teachers and students in Extremadura on their learning and experience within Entrepreneurial Education. Videos launched on 23 June 2021, in the programme “Extremadura: Entrepreneurial Community”, which served to close the Entrepreneurial Culture programmes in the 20/21 academic year.